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How Much Spend Money in Parking in a Average Day

One of the problems created by road traffic is parking . Nowadays the parking problem has been increasing day by day in India. Searching for parking is more painful than ever for Indian drivers.  Drivers in India typically spend almost 20-40 minutes searching for somewhere to park after each journey. Motorists spend an average of 41 hours and about $97 per driver in a month in searching for places to park.”This is a problem not only drivers face, but local shops and businesses, too.”

“… there are about 25 billion car trips per year, and with some 27 million cars, this suggests an average of just under 18 trips per car every week. Since the duration of the average car trip is about 20 minutes, the typical car is only on the move for 6 hours in the week: for the remaining 162 hours it is stationary – parked.”

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