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Parking Problem In India

Parking Problem in India

Presently our country is facing a new problem which is parking space available. Lack of Parking facilities is having an adverse effect on daily life, with the increase in the number of vehicles the parking problem also has been increasing day by day all over the world. Some major issues are-

  • Some places are not allowed car parking on the road side.
  • Sometimes we have no time for car arrangement and no space for car parking.

India has consistently been confronting traffic issues, however now to add on to it Parking is additionally turning into an issue. Individuals invest the greater part of their energy looking for a parking space. A few issues confronted are given beneath-

  • Problem of parking in residential apartment
  • Problem of parking on special occasions
  • No safety parking
  • Problem of parking at work place
  • Fuel wasting in parking
  • Pollution problem
  • Increase in traffic

Kasauli, in Himachal Pradesh, is a slope station. One would have figured Parking would be simple there. Wrong! On ends of the week, those living in and close Chandigarh, swarm Kasauli, a short drive away, to appreciate the cool atmosphere. At that point, Kasauli turns into a traffic center , with vehicles arranged start to finish, unfit to discover anyplace to leave. The experts in these slope stations are as yet finding an answer for this issue..

Parking problem on road in india.

Kota is a developing city; it is the third biggest city of Rajasthan. It likewise goes under the ‘savvy city’ venture. There are heaps of ventures and instructing focuses arranged in the city that add to its economy. Our road space hasn't expanded up until now, however the number of inhabitants in this city is in seven digit numbers. Particularly in our blocked business sectors, great parking spots for 2 wheelers just as 4 wheeled vehicles in the center territory of our city is required and still the administration can’t resolve our traffic issues and improve parking spots.

Not enough space in parking place

Different metro urban areas like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore in India are presently turning into the most blocked urban areas in India. The parking spot given isn’t adequate to fulfill the Parking need. Henceforth it is important to direct a definite examination of the traffic attributes and Parking request of the region.

Parking problem in india
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