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How can you save 10 minutes per day using this smart parking app?


Suppose that you are going to your office and enter in office after 10 minutes of reaching?

If you drive your car by your own and spend at least 30-40min on the road! If there is no traffic on road that is lucky day for you, but if you find traffic jam on road, your whole day revolves around that.

  1. If you will reach at office on time you have to spend more time in parking area because:
  2. There are early office workers who manage to reach before you and occupy your preferred location.
  3. You continue to walk around your parking lot looking for a parking spot.
  4. Sometimes you do not have change and must spend more time to pay with cash

Oh, that is really difficult to add to a workday!

We are here to solve your problems but after that we will explain how we help you to save time and money, have a review on following facts:

  1. We waste our full week in year in traffic each year
  2. We waste our fuel valued at 83,000 rupees per year in India while searching parking.
  3. Out of 70.47 million passenger vehicles produced worldwide in 2018, nearly 4 million units were built in India.

So that are the facts that we have related with you parking

We are at Parking Bucket and changing your lifestyle and we are moving step towards to save your valuable time and money.

We are engaging urban communities to figure out how to stop and give the best parking experience to drivers, traders, and solution suppliers. We are in 100+ areas, our digitized stopping arrangement has 150+ establishments, we measure more than parking tickets for every day.

Finally, how we help you in saving your time.

You just have to follow some following steps:

  1. Firstly, download and install our mobile app from Play store and App store
  2. Register your vehicle on it.
  3. On this app you will find parking spaces near you.
  4. You can choose your favorite parking spot from your home.
  5. You will become acquainted with the accessible parking spot continuously before you arrive at your objective.
  6. You have to book your parking and pay online from your wallet or card

In this way you are able to save your time at least 10-15 min per day. From now no more cash payment no more circling. Go Digital, Go Cashless.

Here you have another option in which you can add your free or empty space to earn more. To list your parking space at our platform kindly visit here.

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